Are you aware that in the United States there is a housing crisis? There is a vast need for affordable house, affordable housing options for a great many of Americans and architects in Michigan can design housing solutions that are not only affordable but aesthetically beautiful and very livable structures. Affordable housing is not a new subject. It has been a task of the United States government in the housing and Urban Development Department to oversee and maintain a certain level of quality for housing for a great many of our citizens in this country and just not only the responsibility of our government but also our cities and suburban areas and our local governments, mayors, city managers, developers, planners, architects. To be cognizant of the fact that affordable housing should be available for everyone and there should not be a need for people to go homeless. If there is proper measures in place to keep people off the street and get them into these housing projects.

Architects in Michigan can design affordable housing solutions for any type of site, whether it be a small project of four, four to six units or a larger scale project of 50 to 60 units or even more. there are ways to carefully design the layout of these buildings where they can be the most efficient use of the land available to the project, but also something that creates a beautiful and attractive building from the inside of the units to the exterior for those that pass by and see these projects once they’re completed. architects in Michigan have worked on affordable housing solutions for the past 60 years and we look forward to working on new solutions in the next 60 years. Affordable housing in this country is a desperate situation right now because of certain areas of the country having exploded with population and created a huge shortage of housing of any kind so that the demand for housing far exceeds the supply.

And what that has created is this massive shortage and an extremely inflated price structure for any of the available housing stock in certain parts of the country. There are other parts of the country in the Midwest and in the rust belt areas where architects in Michigan have been examining the affordable housing crisis. And it is noted that in these rust belt areas, that it’s not only a matter of availability or supply of affordable housing, but the existing housing stock is king and crumbling to the point where they are no longer occupiable safe for habitation. And so that creates a further strain on the supply of quality housing stock in it. And almost the opposite problem. Maybe the cost of housing isn’t so high in the rust belt parts of the country, but there’s still a lack of quality housing even at low prices. And so there is a inverse effect in the lower population portions of the country than there are in the higher population portions of the country.

However, this still leads to a major housing crisis that needs to be solved. Architects in Michigan or working with other design professionals around the country to come up with strategies and solutions that can be shared with our legislators and government officials so that they can take action and create initiatives. And incentives for developers to build a mix of affordable housing alongside their market rate housing so that there is a equitable solution for all. And there used to be in this country and probably still is a negative connotation with affordable housing. it has led to a poor attitude of citizens thinking that they don’t want affordable housing in their backyard. What is known as Nimby, not in my backyard. And this attitude is something that architects in Michigan are working hard to educate neighbors and community members and developers to change that to a positive mindset to where a diverse group of income levels and a diverse population of cultures, if they are all residing near each other, either in the same project of affordable housing or live in a neighborhood of other market rate projects.

But this diversity creates a more profound effect on the community if it was a very homogenous society. And without getting too political, the concept of affordable housing mixed with appropriate market rate housing and mixed that with transit oriented design makes architects in Michigan, the right company to choose to provide these solutions for a more equitable future. We have to think, not only have today for our own selves, but we must think forward to the future for our children and our children’s children, the next generation of people that will lead this country. And they need an opportunity to have access to affordable housing even more so than we need that today right now. And so with the crisis of affordable housing going on right now, we need to look at providing for today, but also providing for the feature and making sure that we don’t have a crisis in 10 years or 20 years. But we’ve made an impact and improve society by working with architects in Michigan to eliminate the negative impact of this housing crisis and the upside down nature of income to housing access and making our cities towns and rural areas more equitable, diverse, and sustainable.

Developing affordable housing is not an easy task in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. Whether you are in a booming city, such as, Los Angeles, or a struggling post-industrial city, such as Flint, developing affordable housing has a massive amount of constraints and funding gaps that pose many risks to projects. These challenges can literally be a make or break for any one project. Architects in Michigan are capable of catering their fee structure to accomplish the risky and tentative project pro formas that affordable housing developers are seeking to execute at any given time. If you are looking to accomplish a small project or a larger development, Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects can help you achieve your goals.