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This content was written for Sedgewick + Ferweda.

Are you looking for top architects in Michigan? There are many reasons why you would need to consult an architect for your next building project. The biggest reason many firms seek architectural consultation is due to the amount of potential savings and architect can provide for you for a big building project. Architects have the ability to monitor your budget and negotiate on your behalf. Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects are the top architectural firm in Michigan. Sedgewick + Ferweda has over 60 years experience. The original company was founded in 1958 and they have been continuing to work hard monitoring and negotiating on behalf of their clients everything. Sedgewick + Ferweda not only can bring you a wide range of knowledge and experience, but they are also a company with an immense amount of integrity at their core. Sedgewick + Ferweda provides to you free 3-D modeling in addition to free energy modeling. We are so passionate about our work we are willing to devote our time at no expense to you to offer you a free consultation. We are the team that will turn your vision into a reality. Sedgewick + Ferweda is the highest and most reviewed architects in Michigan. Find out why we have multiple reputable clients who continue to use us for their architectural and building needs. Our philosophy is that good clients plus a good design is a great recipe for great architects. When our clients work with us they quickly find our level of passion is unbeatable against the competition.

We specialize in design. We take passion in our designs offering usability and functionality while also inspiring emotion from in aesthetically pleasing perspective. We are the firm that have the ability to understand your needs and help you meet your goals. We take the time to listen to your concerns and more importantly sharing your vision to create your dream building.

We also offer 3-D modeling. We believe that 3-D modeling allows the client to visualize the possibility. 3-D modeling also benefits us as architects because it offers better space for us to see the final product. 3-D modeling also gives us the ability to foresee any future issues and address those immediately. Our 3-D modeling technique allows us to develop efficient, quick and effective results on our clients behalf.

Energy modeling is another passion of ours. Energy modeling combines the art of science and sustainability. Energy modeling is environmentally friendly and we use the passive house principles method to create an environment that is 100% sustainable against its energy consumption.

It is important to find architects in Michigan who are going to be diligent in saving you money. Why not work with a company with over 60 years experience in a firm foundation. Sedgewick + Ferweda has provided architectural services for multiple industries. We have worked with federal buildings, medical institutions, commercial and retail clients and we even work on residential homes. Contact us today at 810-238-9647 or visit our We look forward to working with you and the chance to begin working together to create great architecture.

Architects in Michigan | Top Architects in Michigan

This content was written for Sedgewick + Ferweda.

If you are in the need to begin construction for a new federal, medical, institution, commercial, retail, or residential building you must first look at finding the top architects in Michigan. Your new building deserves the best chance. Look no further than Sedgewick + Ferweda for your architectural. Working with an architecture is going to help you in many ways. The main reason that you would want to consult and contextual firm before you begin the new construction on your desired building is because architects save you money. Architects work hard to monitor your budget and negotiate on your behalf. Architects can provide you with exceptional building plans and in the end you would end up using the same amount of budget without consulting one. Find out why Sedgewick + Ferweda is the highest and most reviewed architects in Michigan.

Sedgewick + Ferweda has an exceptional design style that has been providing multiple reputable clients with impeccable building designs for over 60 years. We make it our goal for our designs to not only inspire emotion but also include usability and functionality. We work hard to understand our specific client needs. We don’t just stop there, we make sure that by the end of the project we meet your goals while offering a beautiful, impeccable design that is sure to stand out in its surroundings.

Sedgewick + Ferweda is so passionate about their architectural work that they are willing to offer free consultations. Along with free consultations, they also offer free 3-D modeling and free energy modeling. We are so confident that you will find our level of passion will consistently match yours that you will realize we are the only choice for the job. Our 3-D modeling technique is effective, quick, but most importantly efficient. Our 3-D modeling allows you, our client to visualize what the finished project will look like. We also believe that 3-D modeling helps the architect achieve a better understanding of the space and eliminate any future concerns.

We are passionate about changing the world and performing at an environmentally friendly sustainable rate. That is why we also offer free energy modeling. We believe that the combination of art and science creates a sustainable building for residential or commercial purposes that can be 100% self-sustaining on energy consumption. Our energy modeling method works off the passive house principles. The passive house principles encourages sustainability and will ultimately save you money for energy purposes.

You will find Sedgewick + Ferweda are the top architects in Michigan. Not only do they offer many incredible architectural services and continue to meet clients specific needs and goals, but our company also works hard to give back to the community. Our firm has been known to donate their architectural talents out of the goodness of their hearts for different charities. Contact us today for your free consultation to find out how architectural work can make a difference in your building. Since 1958, we have been providing exceptional architectural services and we won’t stop now. Contact us at or by phone at 810-238-9647. We look forward to partnering with you on your next building project.