Healthcare architecture as a specialty is a complex project type that requires a lot of expertise. Architects in Michigan and Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects are well experienced in healthcare architecture. healthcare architecture is something that, is a very big market sector in this country. And developing the most appropriate solution for each client is a very critical design problem. Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects excels in this for over 20 to 30 years of design experience in healthcare architecture. And we look forward to working with you whenever, whenever and whatever your project concept needs are, there are local, state and federal requirements when thinking about healthcare architecture and we can synthesize all of these legal requirements to create a solution for you. Architects in Michigan are experienced in healthcare architecture and need to synthesize all of the code requirements that are specific to healthcare architecture.

There are things like, HIPAA rules which are about privacies and, discretion amongst patients and doctors. And so you don’t want any sound transmission between exam rooms. That’s a very critical thing and something that can happen very easily and we can do a design and detailing for your healthcare architecture project that can mitigate and, and solve these problems for you. Another big topic of healthcare architecture is what is called evidence based design. So this is where architecture firms integrate design and planning with client practitioners, creating collaborative teams. So the client, doctor or nurse or a medical professional is a partner in the process in developing design solutions for healthcare architecture. So not only does it entail just architecturally designing solutions, planning buildings, spaces, walls, doors, all of the, what you would think are our design pro prop properties. But working alongside a client practitioners, there is a proven evidence that we can draw from their experience of our clients and that can improve the outcomes of our projects to make them even better architects in Michigan Solutions.

Healthy architecture means healthy people. Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects is also seeking holistic solutions to design problems. And we always are looking to make our buildings better places and spaces for people to live, work and recreate in. And especially, when thinking about healthcare architecture, we want to, we are working with our clients who most often are doctors and nurses and staff of these buildings. But also you have a unique user type, which is the patient. And so the patient can be in any kind of health condition. And so you want to make sure that your building is safe and healthy for all of the patients that visit that building. And so that’s what makes healthcare architecture a very unique design type Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects is always looking to improve our processes and making our buildings even more healthy and safer for the occupants and users.

And we also work toward a post occupancy surveys and make sure that we can, understand that after the building is finished for at least one year, when you have that much work going on in the building, then we come back and try and talk to our clients and stay involved and see how that one year process has worked out. And if there’s anything that we need to improve for the future, our goal is to avoid sick building syndrome. Since we spend 80% of our day inside of buildings, either your home or your office or other buildings around the city or town, architects in Michigan are poised to design to avoid sick building syndrome, which could come in a number of manners couldn’t from the mechanical air ventilation system. It could come from the materials. It could come from, you know, leaky, drafty buildings that have outside, contaminants in the atmosphere.

but the indoor environment is a very critical environment to, control and make sure that it’s healthy for patients. And the doctor are users of healthcare architecture. And sick building syndrome is a very big deal and something we don’t take lightly and we don’t want to make the, the exacerbate any, health ailments that patients may have. And the indoor air quality of a sick building is something that could be a very negative impact to our daily lives. And just cause you can’t see it in the air, doesn’t mean that it’s not impacting through your respiratory system or you know, your immune system architects can help you if you’re on a budget. even with healthcare architecture, that doesn’t mean that we cut corners borough. We are always looking for better products that are affordable, long lasting, very durable. And our healthcare clients are also budget conscious because they have extreme, tight margins when it comes to managing patient care as well as the, national health care and insurance system, which is a very, complicated and, difficult, legal and, monetary system to work with on healthcare buildings.

Architects in Michigan are here to help you whenever you need a good design, but a budget conscious design and rethinking a architecture in healthcare is, but by doing a critical design thinking to solve complex problems, there’s more than just putting up walls and the roof and the ceiling. and if there’s multilevels, then you’re doing an elevator and things like that. All of those things go into buildings. But there’s other things to think about when developing a modern healthcare architecture. think about access to nature, indoor and outdoor spaces. sometimes, you know, we, there’s a lot of data out there to support that. Access to nature is extremely beneficial. Healing is a process for patients. And if, even if they are incapacitated for mobility, giving them a good view to an outdoor garden or even some indoor garden spaces within hospitals that are say, a little breaks from, their rehab training where they need to walk through the hospital spaces and get their joints moving again.

So that’s, these are things that architects in Michigan think about when developing healthcare architecture. The last, topic for healthcare architecture is to think about the third world condition architects in Michigan. working with the American Institute of Architects are looking at resiliency and post disaster recovery design. Think about the hurricane that went through Puerto Rico or the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida and the tornadoes, you know, they devastate a major cities and towns and not just for a moment, but you know, the impacts are long. And so healthcare architecture is something that’s critical in this process because, if the hospital goes down because of a tornado, there’s a major impact to helping people heal and, maintaining, the life safety for, for all individuals in that city. architects in Michigan think about this on a daily basis and are working with legislators on an ongoing process to make sure that our buildings are safe and resilient for today. But also tomorrow.