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Ethics within the discipline of architecture is treated differently than other disciplines. It is much more complex ethically due to a few circumstances. To better understand this article will be using information provided by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) in their video titled, Ethics: From Building to Architecture. The American Institute of Architects is an organization in which many Architects in Michigan are a part of, and SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS is also a part of this organization. AIA is a professional organization that offers education, community redevelopment, government advocacy, and helps to maintain architects’ good public image.

To first look into the ethics of discipline architecture one must first define what architecture is. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines architecture as; the art or practice of designing and building structures and especially habitable ones. Due to architecture being completely made up of designing and constructing the buildings then the ethics will go hand in hand with those buildings.  The ethics of architecture does not primarily have to do with how architects or say Architects in Michigan practice the discipline within their own firms. Yes, it is important that firms practice good ethics with their business, but due to the architecture being much more focused on the outcome of the projects a large majority of the ethics of architecture are within the buildings that firms design to be built.

The way that buildings speak one the greatest obligations an architect has towards their code of ethics.  The way a building speaks is how it pervades its’ needs, desires, and aspirations.  It is very important that a building “speaks” in the correct way to purvey correctly to culture of the time. An example of this is that Architects in Michigan will design a building to “speak in a different then say that of architects in Brazil. These are two different regions with two very different stories to tell of people and their culture in these regions. Within the architecture discipline this is our biggest responsibility to society.

There are four professional duties that every architect must hold themselves to whilst practicing their discipline. Architects in Michigan just like architects in Michigan practice these same four duties. The first duty is the architect’s duty to themselves and their colleagues. This professional duty says that an architect must make an enough money to provide for their family. This means that architecture firms need to not low ball their pricing for projects so that other firms can be competitive and that all firms make an enough money to provide for their workers. The second professional duty is that to accommodate to the needs of their clients. This may not always be easy to meet the needs and requirements because they may not always be the easiest things to accommodate for.  This is ranked second within the professional duties due to if there is no client then there is no architecture to produce for the architect.  The third professional duty is to make sure that the architecture created serves the public and not only the client. We live in a world in which almost all architecture created is at the least seen by other people. At the most the public will use the architecture created by the firm for the client, so it needs to be usable and look decent for general population to view.  The fourth and final professional duty that architects have is to art. The first three duties are typical to as what you may see for any business, but the discipline of architecture is very much dependent on art. Due to this dependency the architect must try to go above and beyond the client’s expectations to advance architecture. Through this advancement of architecture, the culture of society will benefit.

Since architecture is so dependent upon art, this discipline transcends the conventional duties of ethics. Rather than just trying to solve a problem that has been set forth by the client, architects should illuminate the problem and get creative with it.  Due to the slowness of the architectural discipline it gives architects plenty of time to be creative with their designs. An example of this can be seen with the work schedule that of Architects in Michigan. Michigan has harsh winters that makes it very difficult to build within the winter. This causes projects to come in waves into firms to be worked on. These waves make it easier for architects to spend more time to be creative with their design and try to put more into their projects than just what the client was asking for.

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