If you’re not the kind of person to spend all night on a project, architecture school is not for you. This kind of education requires spending many hours building models, collaborating with others, not sleeping, using computer software and crying. All architects in Michigan understand how difficult architecture school can be, but would do it all over again.  Architecture school can be difficult but with the right mindset and dedication, it is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Architects in Michigan know how quickly and frequently the architecture profession is changing. Architecture school is nothing like it was 20 years ago. As times change, newer technology is making designing a lot easier In school today you are learning programs that are making developing models a lot quicker and rendering more eye-grabbing images for clients. These are skills that students are leaving architecture school today, and they are becoming more desirable to architects in Michigan. During your architectural education make sure you are dipping your toes into different programs. Different firms can find various programs useful.

First starting off in architecture school, it can be really intimidating. The first year you begin with methods that will guide you into more complex ideas. You learn to manipulate forms, build models, sketch, time management, begin to use programs like Rhino and SketchUp, and of course, test your limits on how little sleep you can run on and what your maximum caffeine dose is. You’re introductory architecture classes provide you with the basic information on the profession: design process, distinguished architects, drafting skills, general description of practice management, and famous architecture. You’re opening your mind solely to the practice of architecture, and it can be very complex. That’s why it takes dedicated students to be successful throughout this education. Architects in Michigan and students workload can be overwhelming, so it is important to allow yourself to step away from designing when needed. Students can get frustrated and hit a wall with a design so taking a break and focusing on another subject can help you return to your design refreshed and ready to keep going. Keep in mind that studio and vis com classes are important and take up a lot of your time, but your other classes are important too.

All architects in Michigan have been through the studio and visual communications ringer. These are the bread and butter of architecture school. Visual communications, or Vis-Com, is where you learn to freehand sketch and use important programs. Generally, first-year vis com incorporates Rhino and Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, SketchUp can be used but isn’t typically taught in school because it is an easily self-taught program. During your second-year professors are going to teach you 3ds Max, and broaden your knowledge of many Adobe programs. Your third and fourth years are going to be spent using more complex programs like Revit and AutoCAD. On the other hand, studios are where you actually use the skills your learning in your visual communication classes. This is where your designing and developing your ideas into actual models. You will be required to construct physical models in both of these classes along with having Critiques.

Critiques are architects in Michigan least favorite part about architecture school. You will be assigned a project(s), in both studio and vis com, that you are to work on throughout the semester. There will be checkpoints throughout the semester that will be used for the critiques. At the end of the semester, you will have your final critique. The smaller crits throughout the semester are designed to help you stay on track and prepare you for the final. Your professors will select several jurors to sit in on your critique. These can be past alumni, professors, architects in Michigan, or current students. One by one, you will stand in front of them and present your work. Begin with introducing yourself, describing the assignment and then express your individual design. It is important to dress nicely during your critiques. Some students treat critiques like interviews, you have professionals and mentors dedicating time out of their day to come to see your work, and you never know, one may see potential and offer you a future internship. The most important thing to know before walking into a critique is that your jurors are not yelling at you. Architects in Michigan must walk into the critiques with an open mind that is ready to learn. The purpose of critiques is for you to learn from experienced mentors. They are there to help you and help correct where you’ve gone wrong in your designs. Critiques can be scary but they were created to make you a better designer. The worst thing to do during a critique it to get defensive. You’re just going to look stupid and you’re not going to learn anything. Your spending thousands on education, acknowledge your opportunities to grow. Most times, your professor is going to require you to sit in on other studio critiques. This allows you to see what other students are doing and what your future classes have in store for you. The end of the semesters do get hard but there’s no better feeling than finishing your final critique and knowing you can now get as much sleep as you need and that all of the hours and hard work you have been spending on this one class is over and has paid off.

When architects in Michigan are going through architecture school you’re learning how to creatively solve design issues.  After a certain amount of time, it becomes natural for you to notice a code violation and identify design solutions. There aren’t set in stone methods to solving each and every design problem, keep an open mind and don’t be scared to learn from your peers. It’s always a good idea to volunteer your time and exercise your networking skills. As a young person being introduced into the profession of architecture, it is rewarding to understand where and how your skills are being utilized within our communities. Unlike sitting behind a desk all day, If you use your time wisely and make your way out into the public you get a better feel of how what your doing is directly impacting those using architects in Michigan designs and you give yourself an opportunity to learn from multiple different sources.