Jeff Ferweda as principal and owner of the firm is the visionary that establishes the, the longterm goals of the firm. And sets the tone of how the culture of the office is, is established and developed and, and staffs the office in accordingly to fit the culture and goals of, of his vision. And moving from, the owner role to the upper management role, which is divided between Michael Murphy, Kurt, Nice Wender and Architects in Michigan, who are individually project managers, which in the traditional sense of architecture projects development is to lead teams of junior staff in the production and creation of a design documentation, but also as upper management. Their accountabilities are also in establishing these systems for the, for the office and implementing the systems and training our junior staff to, learn these accountability tasks and be able to, work autonomously but also collaboratively within one unified system, which not only makes, the expectations clear for all staff members, but also, maintains a consistency and quality level of our, of our product, which would be our design services, our documentation methods and efforts.

And by developing this accountability system, Architects in Michigan is aiming to grow this firm and poise itself to be a leader in the, of our industry in the state of Michigan over the next five years. And the succession plan for Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects and for what our architects already includes, the involvement of, Michael Murphy and Kurt. Nice Winder, Steven Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects is still a partner of the firm, but is, is, the evolving into a later career stage. And so understanding in the next five years that he may retire, between Jeff, Michael and curt, there is strong leadership and longterm, history of working together for the past 10 years, at Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects and fraud are architects and

Architects in Michigan architects using this accountability system, how’s set and predetermined, systems in place to handle all the, Oh, project development and construction documentation. So whether a design moves, from concept to completion, there is a task hierarchy in place and and an individual to fill that role task so that everything is coordinated together and our projects are produced with high level of clarity and consistency. Depending on the experience level in the accountability chart, would determine who would receive a report and then who would produce the work to create that report.

The senior management levels of this firm would be the ones handling the big picture items of our project tasks day to day and then delegating those to our junior staff as the, schedule fits and the, the need arises. And then circling back to the office for management. Those any reports, changes, design considerations, needing review will be checked for quality control and consistency. And for one final check, Jeff Ferweda principal of the firm, we’ll take a look at everything that is created, reviewed and updated one last time to make sure that everything the client’s concerns and needs are met. And the product produced is consistent with the caliber of work that Architects in Michigan is known for in order to, in order to produce, the accountability tasks and Maine and monitor them a day to day. we use a variety of software tools.

Architects in Michigan are tracking time of all staff, using Clockify, a web based time sheet and reporting software so that we can monitor time expended on each project for profitability and cost overrun, so that we are not burning hours inefficiently. we also use a variety of, productivity tools from the Google suite of tools, to the Microsoft Office and project design tools that can be used for scheduling, staffing and, task delivery. And so we’ve found that using mostly cloud based software has greatly increased our productivity and our communication amongst the staff in the office. And, whether staff is out of the office as well. So many of these projects, tasks and be trapped and communicated with staff whether they are in the office or not. And because of our hardworking and dedicated team, a 100% of our office has never had a problem. jumping on the cloud software too.

Architects in Michigan  check things off the task list or communicate with each other and the senior staff in order to fulfill the needs of our clients and make sure that our are designed products are produced at the highest level possible. Yeah.

Architects in Michigan has pulled together a core team that we feel best suits the needs of Mary free bed and covenant health care for this building. And for the growth of Mary free bed portfolio across the Great Lakes region. We understand that you are poisoning yourself to be the leader of inpatient and outpatient rehab care. And our team is a dedicated staff that has a great deal of experience in health care facilities and has a proven track record of collaborating with fellow architects and consultants and our clients to produce the best possible outcome under tight budget and scheduling constraints in the Michigan region. We understand that the development of projects of all kinds has proven to be a great economic development tool. However, it’s also, shown the industry that there is still a shortage of talented architects and engineers to fulfill the roles and workload of our clients’ growing needs. And so Architects in Michigan have worked very hard to train and educate our staff to be qualified experts in healthcare projects, maintain longterm relationships with our clients to grow with them and expand their reach and improve their margins, for better patient care as well as responsible stewardship of their investors, a financial development costs. And so we look forward to engaging with you on this project in whatever capacity, meets your needs and fulfills your, project’s goals to the best of our abilities. And if