Top architects in Michigan | our story

SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS leaves in providing the top architects in Michigan. We want to offer our for any clients who may be looking to fill the business, their home, or even a unique library. We want them to have their own of personality traits reflected in their design, which means it is highly important that you hire an architect. We believe in creating and maintaining long-term business relationships and partnerships with our clients. Which is why we create your design with the utmost care, and not only do we pay attention to detail, but we believe in providing excellent customer service every time.

If you partner with SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS, who not only going to work with the top architects in Michigan, but you also gain a full team that has the expertise, knowledge, honesty, and integrity to help you achieve your goals. We’ve always not only met our clients expectations, but exceeded them. We look for ways to overcome any obstacle or problem we have ever faced. With the wide range of experience in design services as well as construction administration, and detailed design services for the last 50 years are firm has been successful in implementing a wide range of medical, federal, and institutional as well as retail, commercial and residential architecture.

That means, and that if you’re looking for a successful experience architect, and you are only going to find the top architects in Michigan here at SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS. Do not want an experienced company working with you especially for a larger project. Us times, clients only have a certain amount of financial resources to work with. It’s not a never-ending supply of resources, and so there’s usually not a lot of room for error. You need a company who will work hard to get it right the first time, and so with our 60 years of experience you will find that we are the perfect candidates for you.

One of the best things you can do to find out more about our company, is go online to our website. As you go online to our website, you will have access to hundreds of personal reviews, including testimonials videos. These videos will detail our clients experience and success with working with our company.

So I encourage you to just take 10 minutes out of your day, and go online to, where you have access to these reviews and videos. If you ever have any questions regarding our services, please reach out to us. It you can reach us by dialing (810) 238-9647, and after you do, you will contact our customer service representatives. They can schedule you for that 3-d modeling and energy consultation that is absolutely free to you. We are very excited to work with you, and your company!

Top architects in Michigan | over 60 years of experience

You can find the top architects in Michigan working here at SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS. The last 60 years we’ve been able to offer the community was a full-service architecture firm. Not only do we provide a specialize in creative solutions for all of our clients, but we always exceed their expectations. We have experience in the commercial, residential, institutional, retail, federal, and medical areas. So if you’d like to view any of our work, I interviews go to our portfolio. However, before you do that we would like to offer you the deal of a lifetime. We are can offer the energy, and 3-D model consultation meeting.

This consultation meeting affinity absolutely free to you, and as to create some of your device, we are going to show you in person what they will look like. And by having the free energy model consultation, you can see you ways that you can cut down on energy resources spent, or maybe find ways to improve your energy output, or resources spent on other avenues. It’s our tradition, and can be your expectations for excellent. You are gonna work with some of the top architects in Michigan, and a promise you, that we are always exceed your expectations.

If you’d like that you are portfolio, and projects that we have completed over the years, only to online for website. As a go online for website, click on our portfolio, and this way you will be able to see ways that we have exceeded our clients expectations. You can see how we created in the energy efficient environment where they had confidence in knowing that was the best outcome. Not only does SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS provide you with a good designs, that we also provide you with great architecture, in great customer experience.

We believe in maintaining and building partnerships and business relationships. As you done this over the years, we’ve been able to rely on each other to help out when needed. We has since gained knowledge in detail the design, customer service, and construction administration. As a finisher design, since they’ve spent time creating business relationships and partnerships, we have been able to pass the torch onto a very successful construction company after the design process is complete. Now the next step is viewing film reviews from clients who versus over the years.

As you go online to, you will find reviews from clients about the top architects in Michigan. You’ll see how every time they provided their clients with excellent customer service, in were able to go the extra mile to go above and beyond their expectations. If you ever have any questions about how to schedule that free consultation meeting, or what our prices run, or even how you can get started today please give the call. By dialing (810) 238-9647, you’ll get in touch with our design team today.