Park(ing) Day 2016

Park(ing) Day is well known and has become an international event that inspires design teams to reimagine our urban landscape and promote healthier cities through park installations in place of cars. In Flint, it is a lesser known event that was losing energy, but in 2012 our office took over the AIA Flint Chapter’s installation design team and breathed new life into what public open space means to citizens of Flint. Since 2012 we have designed five different uses that explore perception of urban open space. our 2012 installation won an AIA Flint Chapter Design award for its creative use of recycled paper tubes and free materials.

In each successive year we have continued to explore placemaking and tactical urbanism interventions with a variety of materials either found, donated or upcycled. The driving purpose was to create spaces without an increase of wasted materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Having tight design constraints forced us to improvise and innovate.