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I came across a very interesting video that could lead to a new architectural fad for people to change the way they live. In the video, AIRPLANE CONVERTED to Functional HOME for Protection from ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS by FLORB on youtube, it shows the unique way Bruce Campbell made a home out of a normally overlooked medium. The medium he used is used by millions of people every day and once the medium no longer can be used it is discarded as a waste. Architects in Michigan most likely never thought about using this medium as a way to construct living spaces for people. This medium that Bruce Campbell decided to use for the house in which he would retire in is an old Boeing 727 airplane.

When Bruce was young he wanted to live life frugally and decided that he did not want a mortgage. He was just fine with living motorhome to save money and invest what he saved. So he saved enough money to buy a home with cash so that he would not need to get loaned money and be tied down with debt. Bruce became fascinated with Aerospace technology and decided that he would make a Boeing 727 his retirement home. He choose plan to live within a retired airplane for multitude of reasons. One reason is that he found that the airplane industry retires planes a rate of three airplanes a day. When these planes are retired they are flown off to death camps where the plane is ripped apart and then scrapped. Bruce thought of these airplanes as masterpieces of engineering and wanted to maybe help preserved one from meeting a harsh death. Bruce also stated in the video another benefit to living within in a plane though it may not specifically help him because he lives deep enough in Oregon to not worry about tsunamis. He talked about how planes can save lives in the event of tsunami due to their relatively strong structure. If the wave of water from the tsunami hits a parked plane on the ground then the plane would just go with the wave and should relatively be a safe place amongst the tsunami. Another reason why Bruce decided in living within a retired airplane is that the airplane is designed to be vacuumed sealed whilst it is in flight. From the video one can tell Bruce is a bit of germaphobe. Bruce uses his new home as protection from any outside contaminants. Architects in Michigan can design Future Plane homes can be used like how Bruce uses the plane for a living space but with architecture it can be transformed in any which way.

Architects In Michigan | Airplanes Are Home?

BruceÕs plane is located in the state of Oregon so he would need to be wary of earthquakes the west coast experiences. OregonÕs largest earthquake that has been recorded was in 1949 and the magnitude of the earthquake was seven point nine. Architects in Michigan do not need to have their design withstand violent shaking of earthquakes because Michigan is not known for having large earthquakes. This is another reason why Bruce decide in living within a retired aircraft because the landing gear of the aircraft acts like a dampener. This means that within an earthquake that airplane will be shook by the vibrations the earthquake gives off, but the shaking from the earthquake will not cause a structural failure that will lead to Bruce getting seriously hurt. The only way that the structure of the plane can be damaged at all are from the trees that surround the plane on all sides. Trees really do not break when it comes to earthquakes because they act as a pendulum when the vibrations of the earthquake act upon the trees.

Bruce has set up his retired plane to get services from his existing service lines that are on his land already. He has hooked up his plane to receive water, electricity, a phone line, and wifi and the service line can discard of sewer waste from the plane as well. So in an essence Bruce has turned his retired airplane to in sort of a vacuumed sealed mobile home that is no longer mobile. The cabin of the 727 is very spacious but the BruceÕs 727 is crammed full of miscellaneous things as he is trying to get his plane into a position in which he is comfortable with just live within it. If Bruce were to hypothetically hire one of the many Architects in Michigan to help him complete his project, I believe, the project would be done much more sooner.

It is important that we should find uses for old airplanes that no longer can be flown is because how the airline industry treats the planes after they no longer can be used to fly commercially. Once the plane is to be retired the only value within these planes are the jet turbines that power the plane. When the engines are removed from the cabin of the planes value drops to zero. If the cabin is worthless instead of scraping an already structurally sound we as Architects in Michigan should try to find a way to reuse this already existing structure to make living spaces out of them. Reusing the cabin of a retired plane can possibly be a positive impact of the environment by conserving resources from building a new structure for living and by getting 100% reuse value out of the cabin. This ideal of giving new life to a retired transportation vehicle is not the first time this has happened. A new fad that has been sprouting from recent times is transforming old busses into living areas. If it can be done with busses it can be also done with planes. Planes can be transformed into great works of architecture if right architect can get behind it. The square footage of a 747 has one thousand five hundred square feet, which is larger than many apartments for the middle class. Architects in Michigan could transform the inside of a retired 747 into a living space that could spacish for families.