The Sedgewick + Ferweda design team is our unique strength that is proven to execute complete design and planning services to deliver your project keeping your interests at the forefront. We invite you to meet the people behind the architecture.

Jeffrey S. Ferweda

AIA, NCARB | Architect

Licensed in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota. I believe architecture influences every moment of life. People live, work, and play in buildings so it is essential that buildings not only meet expectations but exceed. I love design that is thoughtful, efficient, and performs well. Informed decisions create great buildings and by extension, the spaces inside & outside the building. I strive for excellence in every project. As an architect I am a problem solver. I work to maximize clients’ wants, needs and style into reality. I help our clients realize the full potential of their vision. I and my team of architects place high value on design and quality. Contact

Stephen J. Sedgewick

Assoc. AIA | Project Manager

I approach designs from the inside out. Begin with a good program and develop that into a good plan. I strive for design that is efficient, cost effective, pleasing to the eye, and above all, satisfies the owner’s requirements and aspirations. Architecture is about creating great places. I especially like designing places for children such as schools that are safe and productive for learning.


Michael J. Murphy

Assoc. AIA | Project Manager

Architecture is constant evolution of thought and theory. Moments standing on a mountain or walking alone through the streets of Manhattan have had an impact and influence on my perspective of life that is innately intertwined with architecture. My approach to design is to balance the passion for design with the reality of the project scope and budget. I explore inspiring solution elements without taking the project out of the realm of the realistic budget constraints. I believe architecture is a noble cause. It allows me to be able to directly give back to the community by using imagination to improve the built environment. The direct impact makes practicing architecture rewarding.


Brianna R. Fuller

AIA | Project Architect

I am fully invested in sustainable design, overall health of the built environment and the people who inhabit it. I design for a better and more beautiful standard of living for the people. Architecture is not just about buildings its about the people who inhabit each space. There are new ideas pushed into the world of design everyday, I believe we need to step away from the status quo practices just because they’re “good enough” and keep reaching for more efficient ways to design our planet.

Leeann J. Kufuor

Assoc. AIA | Architectural Drafter and Designer

Architecture has always been a part of my life. At a young age I studied floorplans in design magazines and have yet to find anything that is more interesting to me than architecture, and more specifically, the concept of what it means to define space. I love being a part of the architecture industry. My approach to architectural drafting is about precision – producing really accurate drawings with no line out of place.

Chelsea J. Short

Assoc. AIA | Architectural Drafter and Designer

Architecture is something that I’ve always admired. I have moved more times than I can recall and there has always been something that I loved or wanted to change about every home I’ve stayed in. Whether it was the shape of a bedroom or how sunlight filled a room, architecture is in the smallest of details. Throughout my schooling I have come to appreciate building codes. There is something about how they mold and shape a structure throughout the design process that is so fascinating to me. The end result could be something completely different from the initial design. However, knowing that a sustainable and functional design has been created is so rewarding. The possibilities and beauty of architecture are endless.