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Historic structures are important to society. You may ask why is historic structures are important? If you didn’t ask I’m still going to tell you either way. Historic structures captures the life of when the building was built. One can observe what life was at the time it was built. It is very important to pursue these buildings for future generations to observe historical architecture and learn from it. Architects in Michigan work hard to correctly preserve historical structures. A story of a few people going out of there way to preserve historical structures is what Kostas Zouvelos and his fiancé did to a medieval tower near sparta.

This story starts in 1994 when Kostas Zouvelos and his fiancé were just doing some dope chillin in Greece as one does until they saw a for sale sign on a nineteenth century crumbling castle. They fell in love with the view of the Mediterranean sea when they were exploring the small castle. They noticed there was a for sale sign on the castle so they bought and then they decided what they would do with this castle. When they first came upon the castle half of the tower of the castle feel due to no maintenance being done to the structure of the building for many years. The couple decided they wanted to restore the castle so that it would look similar to when it was being used by the locals but also so that their family and others can visit and stay within the castle and have a somewhat comfortable stay.  I feel that many Architects in Michigan would go the same route as the couple did when renovating similar historic structures.

The structure was built on one of three peninsulas of the Peloponnese of Greece.  In the past there was a period of time where this area of Greece was free land and was loosely governed by a governor. Due to it being free land there were no police to uphold the law and Turkey would frequently attack the peninsulas to try to gain land.  Due to this the powerful families and clans in the area made a series of small castles to be used as watchtowers and defensive positions to keep their families safe. Once the war was over many castles were abandoned and left to ruin over the years.  Architects in Michigan see this type of abandonment within big industrial buildings left by the once booming car manufacturing industry that Michigan once had.  The reason the castles were abandoned is due to the harsh environment of the peninsulas making the area in which the castles were erected on to be not a friendly place to live.    

When the couple first started to renovate the historic structure they went in with the plan they didn’t want to make drastic changes to the existing historic structure. They wanted to rebuild the half demolished tower and restore and clean up the surrounding area around the tower. When they rebuilt the tower they used the same mortar to not take the patina of time out the building. They attempted to use the same cut stone as the existing stones that sit within the walls of the existing historic structure. This idea of renovating historic structures is often used by Architects in Michigan to keep the authenticity of the building alive. Zouvelos and his wife Kassiani Theodorakakou tried their best to instead of getting rid of inconient areas of the castles to make room for better living spaces they attempted to reuse spaces and things from the castle to keep the authenticity of the structure. In certain circumstances in parts of castle the traditional look of the castle couldn’t be used so the couple would then decide to use the more modern look to save space with in the small areas of the catle. Though the living spaces of the castle isn’t the most comfortable to our American standards the spaces that the couple created are a marvel to stay in.

Did you like that nifty little article because boy I sure did. That little castle sure was nifty if I do say so myself? Hopefully this helps you decided that architects in Michigan are the firm for your historical structure renovation project because we would absolutely love to work on that bad boy. Do you not have historical structure to be renovated? If you answered yes to the priori question then well that’s just fine too. We can design you a great structure that maybe one day will be historic structure. At Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects we love to work on any sort of project as long it has to deal with architecture. Strictly on statistic basis you will be satisfied with the project that create for you. You, yourself can see the statistical evidence if you look at our service rating on google. We currently have four point nine stars out of five from ninety seven reviews from past clients. Now that you have fully read this well written come on down and we can give you a hand on that project that you got.