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Between all of the religions of the world the religion with the most visible variation in architecture is churches of the Christian faith. Due to the popularity of this religion over the centuries there are many variations of architecture that took place with in their holy places in which they called churches. Christian churches have slowly evolved into being great works of architecture over the hundreds of years that the religion has existed. It is very interesting to go and see all of these churches and see the history and artisan work that are built into ancient churches.  Sometimes Architects in Michigan will go, visit, and study these buildings to learn of new techniques in which they can apply it into their own projects of architecture.  Due to the popularity of the Christian faith not only in Michigan or the United States of America but all of the western hemisphere that it shall be the focus of this article.

Architecture within western society has been recorded through the religious buildings through the decades. The architecture of Christian churches in past centuries very rarely changed in design. Churches before 19th century was used mainly as a place of worship. Therefore the design of these religious buildings were designed around a single meeting place with normally artworks depicting the stories of the bible around the meeting place. In recent centuries the church has been redefined to be not just a meeting place to worship but more of community building with multiple uses. Certain Architects in Michigan specialize in the design of grand cathedrals of Christian churches. And with this the century old design of a grand cathedral making up the entirety of the building changed.

With this change in use of a Christian church the general architecture changed as well.  Now that the design required more of a dynamic design the same template that was used for centuries the use of the church changed as well.  There still can be seen cathedral designs within churches that were built recently in time but normally it is accompanied by additional spaces for the communities use. Due to the change in general design of Christion churches the architecture changed as well. No longer is based on the idea of having a grand cathedral for a place of worship but to have more of a community space with multiple uses for said community.

The original use of the design for the Christian churches before it evolved to what it is today came from the times of the Ancient Roman Empire. The futures of the Christian church drew from another religion, and that was the Roman Mythology.  The architecture of the roman temples were mimicked in early Christian churches and which where then copied for hundreds of years.  And the Romans copied the Greeks so the Architects of Michigan thank the Greeks for getting the ball rolling with all of this great architecture. The first characteristic of the early churches of the Christians was the Atrium. The atrium in early times was devised of a courtyard in which was circled by a sequence of columns. This is where early Christians would gather before the start of worship. The atrium slowly evolved into a  common area outside of the main are of worship that can be seen in a large majority of churches today. Another characteristic of early Christian churches is the Basilica. The basilica is where the Christian people would gather together to worship. Roman temples did have a basilica but the Christians decided to change it in a way to make in larger so more people can gather together and worship.  The basilica can be seen in every church today with different ways of it being set up. Another characteristic in early churches from the ancient romans that still can be seen in churches today is the Bema. The bema in early churches were the holy word was placed and were the sacramental bread and wine were placed.  The bema can also still be seen in a large majority of churches today.

Religious architecture holds an important place in society today. Religious architecture acts as a portfolio for architecture of mankind. Religious buildings are unlike any other type of building in the way that a large majority of the time it is respected but much of the community and then outsiders looking into the community. Due to this religious architecture are more likely to stay standing through war time and hard economic times. Normally the churches of the time are made with some of the best technology and cutting edge architecture of the time.  Through this we can look at a religious architecture that was built a long time ago and see what society at the times lives could look like. Architects in Michigan can analyze old religious architecture and can get ideas to possibly improve upon their own projects for religious architecture.

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