Architects in Michigan modify projects as, as they come up and made sure that all of the new code changes are integrated in future projects. Lastly, I’d like to talk about, one of our, other local partnerships, which is the genesis medical office building facility, working with Dr. Lawrence. Jeff for what, has been working closely with Dr. Lawrence for 20 years and numerous projects that have been renovations or expansions and modifications in the genesis medical office building, starting with development of the original building and subsequent tenant changes, and, and expansions over the course of 20 years. And these three projects or just the few examples of the track record of Architects in Michigan and for what architects dating back to, the, the founding architects of our office, Tom Architects in Michigan Sr and the mission of Architects in Michigan that has stood the test of time is good clients, good design, makes great architecture.

And so without establishing good client relationships and cultivating them over the years and decades, then good design could not happen. So when you pair that good client relationship with good design and something great happens, and the resulting architecture is testament to the strength of our relationships and the emphasis on growing them for the life and history of the firm. Architects in Michigan had 40 plus year relationships at this point in time, and we see no reason and have no doubt that those 40 year relationships will continue on with the future generations of leaders in our firm. And we look forward to passing the torch and encouraging the success of the emerging leaders of our firm to learn from the history of providing great client service.

Because of our over 40 years of experience in healthcare design services, Architects in Michigan have seen our client’s portfolio of projects grow exponentially and expand due to their, quality and concern for patient care and services. And our, our client partners have been extremely frugal in their budget options and, capital expenses in order to, sustainably grow their individual portfolios, whether it’s the great genesis health system board, devita dialysis or the genesis medical office building. each of these healthcare clients have grown and established a as leaders in their field and industry. And so throughout that expansive growth for each of our clients, we’ve definitely been involved in a prototype, changes, updates and modifications, changes from moving buildings, relocation projects, expansions of existing facilities, total overhauls of existing facilities as well.

And with Mary free bed at, at covenant, Architects in Michigan anticipate that we are getting involved in this process right at the earliest stage of the prime growth for Mary free bed. And we are excited to get started and get our foot in the door as a partner. At this point in time. We look forward to the expansive growth model and the critical concern of providing high quality medical, outpatient and inpatient services to those needing rehab which are facing the toughest challenges of their life. The clients and patients have a Mary free bed hospital setting is a a game changer for their patients. And we understand that the leadership of Mary free bed partnering with Covenant Hospital Is, is utmost concerned with the the quality of life outcomes for all of their patients and as a partner to Mary free bed Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects and for what architects is looking forward to adapting and growing and modifying your prototype over time because we know things cannot stay the same.

They are as they are today. 10 years from now, as as evidenced by our 40 year history of working with clients is that many things change the technology of designing the buildings, but also the technology of operating these spaces changes and it’s changing at a much faster pace year to year. And so we look forward to working alongside the staff and leadership of Mary free bed into not only designing for the building today, but anticipating what changes may come in the future and the next five to 10 years. And trying to anticipate those impacts on the design prototype so that we are not blind sighted and we, and we work together to educate each other and stay up to speed on the advanced technologies and as well as the alterations or changes to licensing or building codes that have critical impacts to the development of these projects. Our main point of contact for this project would be Jeffery, for what? principal and owner of central can for what architects. Jeffrey has been the leader of Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects and for what our architects for almost 20 years. And he is not ready to stop anytime soon. And he stands at the helm of Architects in Michigan ready to answer any of your questions and concerns and help you develop the best possible projects from Mary free bed.

Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects with Jeffrey Ferweda at the helm of the firm. and the leader of our management team and staff, has developed a management process that is slightly different from other architecture firms in our industry in that rather than, tying job descriptions of our staff to an organizational chart, which is a pyramid of information that identifies, you know, ranking staff from senior to junior levels, at Architects in Michigan we choose to operate under an accountability style of management versus that organizational style of management and the accountability chart that structures are our staff hierarchy is directly tied to our key performance indicators for each staff at every, experience level from the most junior to the most senior holding all positions accountable to the tasks and demands of their position so that each member of Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects has a thorough understanding of what roles and responsibilities they play in the, the growth and development of the whole office.