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Taking pictures of your completed architectural work is one of the most important things in order to keep architects in Michigan firms going and getting new clients. Because people need to see the work that you’ve done in order to want work to be done by your firm. Not only are finished pictures important, but also pictures of the existing building or existing site this way you always have a record of a visual record of what was there and if it’s something like an interior renovation where you’re taking out old and putting in new it’s nice to be able to show clients what you can do with a space, especially challenge challenging spaces.

You want to make sure you document the beginning, the construction and with the completed part looks like many architects in Michigan have a professional photographer take pictures of their work, but if you work for a small firm that may not have the ability to do that, all you need is someone with a halfway decent camera and for that person to understand how their camera works and just look up a few tips to taking great photos. even pictures that an amateur takes. We’ll work for a lot of clients. One thing that we’re seeing now with architectural photography is a lot of drone work, so images and videos taken from up above the human perspective, which is sometimes how we show renderings, so it’s very cool to get to see images with that same perspective. along with the images. The videos are a very great tool to use for your own marketing, but to also show to clients and you’ll have, you’ll be able to show more with a video then you will a photograph. Although they do take up more space on your computer.

The main thing about taking photos of Finished architectural work is to make sure even the shadowed spaces are bright enough to be able to see on exterior shots. Sometimes when you have a canopy that hangs over, when you take a photo on the outside, it is very dark and you can’t really see the detail, which that is what a photograph of your finished architectural building is all about. Seeing the detail, so you want to make sure even those shadows are light enough to be able to see you very well. Another thing that you want to keep in mind is just to be aware of the vertical lines in your photos and make sure they are not slanted because then you’re not holding your camera straight or you could use a tripod, which many people say is the best way to take it. Especially if architects in Michigan are doing photos with some moving parts, like a person moving inside a bit or something like that, which would require a tripod because it needs to be held. Absolutely still. You see a lot of architecture photos without people in it.

When you see photos of a finished building, which has nice to show off the architecture, but it’s very nice to have a human figure in your drawings, in your pictures. Just to give the photographs some scale and also it makes sense to have people in your photos because you’re designing the space for people to use it. Although it may be hard to find a person to put, to be willing to be in the photos of your completed architecture. The other things you’re going to want to be aware of when you’re taking photos is the aperture and the speed of the shutter. So if you change these items, you can take pictures of people in your space moving where they’re a little bit blurred. So it shows motion in your photograph and not just a person standing still.

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And some of the exposure also makes the room look a little bit different depending on how you take the photograph. For simple photography. It’s not necessary to hire a big fancy photographer that costs architects in Michigan a ton of money because it’s something that someone can learn to do pretty easily and they will save the firm money in the long run when it comes to documenting their projects. Like I said before, it’s also very important to document your project while it’s in construction. Not only are you getting out on site to take photos, but you have those photos as evidence of maybe something that was done wrong or something very complex that you want to make sure is being built the way that the architects specified.

It’s really nice in photography of architecture, get the pictures where it’s a bright sunny sky with a few clouds, but a lot of the times the shadows are really harsh so you’ll have to lighten those up, but some of the best times to take pictures outside or of your, of the exterior of the building is when it’s a little bit overcast. That way, the shadows aren’t as harsh, and the glare from the sun is minimal. And then there’s always Photoshop to make your image look a little bit nicer and have the right lighting and contrast that maybe you as an amateur photographer don’t understand how to capture with the camera itself. So there’s always a secondary option of architects in Michigan being able to fix up some of the photos that are taken to make them look even more professional. Many architects in Michigan use the program adobe photoshop but there are other editing softwares architects in Michigan could use that may cost much less, or maybe even be free.

Photography is critical to the success of an architectural firm. Potential clients want to see projects that your firm has completed many times before hiring any architects in Michigan. The best thing is, you donÕt have to pay a ton of money for a professional photographer if you donÕt want to. An employee at your office with a nice camera can get the job done if they put in a little time to figure out little tips to make the photos look refined.