Did you hear about A 19? The conference on architecture this year, 2019 is the American Institute of Architects Conference, which is now called A 19, it’s e great expo event learning event networking event, fellowship event for architects in Michigan and architects across the country. it is the premier event for architects that are licensed or architects, students newly licensed, and those who are wanting to get licensed. Anyone in the career track of architecture and construction industry should be attending the A 19 conference on architecture. One big reason to attend the conference is for continuing education units. If you are a licensed architect in the state of Michigan, you need to maintain a certain amount of hours of continuing education to uphold your professional license and A 19 conferences. One of the best ways to collect a lot of those continuing education units to by attending learning sessions throughout each day of the conference tours.

other educational events and vendor meetings all have the opportunity to give you those critical learning units, for your home, state or region. Especially for architects in Michigan who are always very busy. People are. Another great benefit of this major conference annually is attending private building tours. Each of these tours that are curated by the staff at AIA national are excellent choices and premier, opportunities for you to see buildings that you’ve would never have access to otherwise on a special day each year. in, in different cities. The Ai Conference has excellent tours for small nominal fee. You can attend to see either historic buildings of great significance in architecture or new buildings with cutting edge technology. they have, museums, libraries, something for every type of architect in Michigan who’s designing a buildings in different practice areas. Networking with your fellow architects is one of the my favorite things to do at [inaudible] conference.

Every year I’ve been attending the conference, I meet new friends, catch up with old friends from across the country and we have a lot of same career stage, issues and things to talk about. And we like to work these things out. And you find out when you network with old friends that you, that your problem in Michigan is also the same problem somebody has in Texas. And it’s a great time to catch up, talk shop a little bit, maybe have a drink at the hotel or out in the various cities that the conference attends each year. And it’s a great time to, explore the nightlife of conference host cities and get to know a little bit more about your friends and meet new friends. if it wasn’t the AIA national conference, it wouldn’t be something that didn’t have, eye opening and inspirational keynote lectures from either top performers in the profession of architecture or, allied professionals that have some insight into different practice types of architecture.

If it’s a healthcare project or in the field of healthcare, they could have someone who’s a, interesting client or had an interesting building project. you never really know what you’re going to get when the keynotes come out. And they are always an excellent time and it’s really exciting for architects in Michigan to see the diversity and impressive lineup each year. At the eight 19 conference, many architects in Michigan attend the conference for the massive Expo Hall of new products and different vendors that are showcasing their, digital or physical products that, can benefit the profession or practice of architecture. Some are building products that are advanced materials and, showcase the latest and greatest for putting a facade on your building or putting windows in your building that are energy efficient. A lot of new products out there right now or in the digital trends as far as Vr, Ar, augmented reality. what else? software, many, many new companies are coming out and bringing awesome products these days that make software, for architecture way more intuitive than it was when I first started in this profession. And so the expo hall is a great place to also, learn about different products and software and digital trends. And you can also often bump into a, another friend architect of yours and grab some coffee or a snack while you’re in the expo hall and, learn together.

The conference on architecture rotates the venue annually to keep things fresh for architects in Michigan and architects across the country. this year, the conferences in Las Vegas, which is a very exciting city for many reasons. I think there’s a lot of new architecture in the city and Las Vegas has a lot to offer architects in Michigan, in, in by way of high quality design and cutting edge buildings. So I look forward to this year’s conference and I believe next year it’s going to move to the west coast of the country back to California where I used to live.

And so the, A 19 conference keeps things fresh at all times and makes things exciting for architects in Michigan to attend and explore each new city. Last but not least, the most exciting after hour events for fellowship are in the evenings. After all the work is done and all the networking is, done. The, the shop talk is all done. there’s great receptions each night, either hosted by some product vendors or AI. National has a great party each Friday of the conference every year where they bring live music acts and get people together and have a good time and just kind of let loose and relax and get to know each other a little bit more. And architects in Michigan always enjoy attending the conference for the nightlife and after hours, fellowship and networking.

So whatever aspect of AIA membership engages you, there is definitely something for everyone when attending the annual AIA National Conference on Architecture, A 19. Our talented staff looks forward to seeing you in Las Vegas this year to talk about your project goals and needs.