Residential Architecture is about your home architects in Michigan can help you whether you want to design the custom residential project or use a catalog home that you found from either the internet or a magazine source, residential architecture, and Michigan is about developing a high energy efficiency homes. And if you decide to choose customers potential versus a catalog, architects in Michigan are here to help you, Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects can help you develop your dream home, something that you’ve been thinking about for a long time, I’m sure. And there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears through the process and we can help you get through that process without any more drama or delay. Our office. Indeed. our office does do residential architecture. we would love to talk about your Dream Home, Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects is a multidisciplinary firm we can do residential as well as commercial.

And we love to think about residential design projects for clients because they are just as complex, if not more so in certain cases than any commercial project. you know, you think about a unique ways that people live and how they want to move through space. are they day people, are they knight people? And residential design is a very unique case by case design process. And we thrive on developing great projects for clients, using our staff of talented designers to develop great, architecture for you. residential design for energy compliance, because just like commercial buildings in the state of Michigan, a residential buildings also have to have energy efficiency measures built in. the recent energy code did impose a higher energy requirements for residential buildings, which is a good thing. this is a benefit to you in the long run when you want to have lower energy bills from gas or electric, and have a more comfortable indoor environment because you know, human spend 80% of their day inside of buildings and that includes your home.

And you want to make sure that your home is just as comfortable as, as you need it to be. you don’t need to be wearing extra layers inside during the summer or in the winter, depending on how hot or cold the building is. And you don’t want your house to be drafty in one area of the house and, and super cold and our hot and the another area of that house. energy compliance measures are something that we can implement to the design process that it’s built right into the design and you achieve a building permit as well as your energy compliance certificate.

Resident, residential design, also can be renovations and or additions to the project. So it not only is new construction, but, architects in Michigan can help you design, in addition to your existing home or a renovation to that home if you really want to stay in that location because location is very important to residential architecture. And a wood frame construction is a very workable form of construction and most homes are built out of a wood frame construction. This means that, you know, modifying the stud walls and floor decks that are made out of wood is relatively simple process. and easily changeable and adaptable by a contractor. you definitely want to find a good contractor who knows what they’re doing and knows how to tie in a new wood framing with old wood framing to make sure that the building comes together and, and still looks good, just like you intended it to look into. Architects in Michigan can help you detail the, the proper details, especially when connecting the old building to a new building. there’s very critical design thinking that goes into this and Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects and is very good at doing these things for you.

Residential architecture design, also is benefit by three d design process. we use design software, that is two dimensional and three dimensional at the same time. And this makes the process for us in the design phase, more intuitive and collaborative. And it gives us the ability to show clients three dimensional virtual models of their building that they can see, what will their future home looked like before it goes into construction. And that’s a very, a helpful tool for us. And so, Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects does this, with no extra cost to you. so we look forward to working with you on developing your dream home. architects in Michigan can help you if you’re on a budget for your residential design. we don’t necessarily intend to spend every single dollar in your pocket. We want to make sure that, you have a budget in mind and we want to stick to that budget and design to that budget to make sure that our project achieves everything that you wanted without a busting the bank on you.

So we don’t want to, make this a dream design project, but then something that never gets built in the end. And that would not be a win. And we are looking to make sure that we can do the best service to our clients at all times. One critical component to designing residential architecture is choosing your site. So, sometimes clients come to us with a property already and, that they own, which is, not, not a bad idea. Sometimes it helps to, hire architects. And Michigan to help select that property for you or with you. we want to be able to choose a site that is definitely a buildable site. you know, the high steep slope site is a little difficult to, build on. It makes a little more cost prohibitive construction, but still something that’s very doable.

other things to consider are solar orientation, driveway access, indoor outdoor spaces, how much landscaping is needed if you want to cut down trees or minimize cutting down trees. Those are some things to consider when building your home, especially not just when the home is constructed, but during the construction phase when there’s a lot of heavy equipment onsite that makes it difficult for, trucks to maneuver around existing landscape features. it may be difficult to preserve some so we can help you, choose the proper site and make sure that the construction phase goes smoothly. lastly, historic preservation in residential design is a very critical topic. And so, you know, we live in the state of Michigan, with many old homes and some of them are in historic districts. Some of them are historic contributing buildings themselves. Sedgewick and Ferweda Architects is, well versed in the secretary of interior standards to develop, appropriate historic preservation solutions to existing buildings. Architects in Michigan look forward to helping you put that project together, if that’s something that you’re interested in as well.