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At Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects, we want to to provide you with exceptional results. When it comes to consultation, planning and coordinating everything that you need for solving problems and helping you to design a building or a home your way, we make it happen. We want to meet your goals and we want provide you with incredible results to make a huge difference. So when you’re looking to find architects in Michigan, start with us today. Give us a call today at (810) 238-9647 or visit

Do you know that you’ll receive a free 3-D modeling, free energy modeling and a free consultation we decide to schedule an appointment with us? It really is amazing deal. You’ll be glad to know that we are the most highest reviewed architects in the area. You can check out our reviews and even see our latest work. And also you can meet our team. We want to get well acquainted with us before you take them except to contact us. We think you’ll be very impressed with our workmanship and the level of work that we have done for others.

When it comes to designing the project that you need done, we strive to get it right. We design residential homes, churches, hospitals and so many other buildings for people. We take extra pride work that we do in. Our goal is to make sure that we design a right and we design it well. We encourage you to check out some of our architectural work because you’ll be so impressed with the level workmanship that we’ve done. We build our buildings to last. And we know that sometimes Michigan weather can change, so we want to know your building will be a tiptop shape to endure that changing weather as well. To find architects in Michigan, call us today!

You’ll be glad to know that everything begins with a sketch. We develop everything by hand drawings and then we turn it over to a 2-D or 3-D drawing. So this is absolutely fantastic. We want to know that you, swore everything you need is so much more. So if you’re looking to get amazing results, our team is looking to provide you with incredible services. We go over and above to daycare you from start to finish. So I said connect with us they because our team want to help you get really good results.

Glad to know that we do care about people that we serve. One way that we show that we care about people that we service that we of respect your budget. We understand that your budget is so important to get any project on the right way. That’s what we make sure that we are able to negotiate the best materials and provide you with workmanship at a good price. So you’re looking to build that next the restaurant, our team want to make it happen for you. So give us a call today at (810) 238-9647 or visit To find architects in Michigan, you’ll find it with us.

Architects in Michigan | Why Great Architecture Matters?

Finding a really great architect is possible. At Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects, our team is ready to make it happen for you. We have a talented team in place that brings years of architectural design. We been able to delight churches, restaurants, residential areas and so much more. We have an incredible photo gallery one site that we want to invite you to explore. You’ll see our stunning designs and our incredible transmission. So take the next when you’re looking to find architects in Michigan by giving us a call at (810) 238-9647 or visit

You’ll be glad to know for more than 60 years we been able to provide people with incredible services. We had in our portfolio earlier and we do invite you to check that out. Is really great when you can see our workmanship and see how we been able to design different thousand buildings and places that people need to carry on their everyday activities. So you’re looking for a team of people that are ready to see you listen to your goals and then draw it out and then turn it into a 3-D design, we want to make it happen for you.

Will get everything down from the site uses, utilities and even energy systems to make sure that we are providing you with exceptional design.We have an incredible team that is ready to take your designs to a whole new level. Will consider budget, government agencies review, economic analysis and so much more. So much goes into designing a business that is perfect for your needs and we want to make sure that we get a right and well. Will even complete the planning, zoning and help you get the building permit for drawing reviews. So this is really great because we believe in going over and above to provide you with exceptional services.

It’s really awesome when a church group causes up and access to design a church for them. We been able to actually do that for so many churches and we look forward to helping you. Were ready to collaborate with you on your next project and bring that future project that you have in your heart to live. It’s exciting when you’re looking to build a new building of any kind. Because of these new opportunities and new activities for your community or even just for your business. So let us help make those dreams become a reality.

Last but not least, we are looking to find architects in Michigan, go with people is really going to give you a really great deal. We will give you a free 3-D model, free energy modeling and free consultation as well so this is a great way for you to get started. Will hear your design and that will draw it out and that will turn it into a 3-D design and model for you. Sound incredible? It really is. To find architects in Michigan start with us at Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects today. Give us a call at (810) 238-9647 or visit