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This content was written for Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects.

Have you ever heard of 3-D modeling for your home or office design? Many people are new to this amazing 3-D software that only the best architects in Michigan offerthis and it is found no other place, than Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects. They also offer free energy modeling and free consultations for all the clients. When you begin working with architects you immediately realize that you have chosen the very premier architectural firm in the community. They are so dedicated to exceeding their clients expectations that they are constantly going above and beyond in order to dilute you wonderful works of art that will absolutely blow you away. Once you get it back. Their philosophy is good clients, plus good design equals great architecture. And they wouldn’t be where they are today. It wasn’t for great clients, much like yourself reading this.

The best architects in Michigan three energy on all their designs. Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects are more than your typical run-of-the-mill architectural firm. They offer a full service architectural range of design, 3-D modeling and energy modeling. When you hire the right architect you can save much more money in the long run. The architect is unnecessary, especially nowadays when construction companies can produce their own designs. The rest your head knowing that you have chosen the most experience in hands-on architectural company with Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects. They design your home more than just aesthetically pleasing. They work out everything from the layout to the elemental materials that work together.

Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects will help you monitor your construction budget help negotiate in order to give you a competitive and fair rate on your materials and labor is from your construction company of your choosing. Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects, the best architects in Michigan, can greatly reduce your energy consumption and maintenance costs. See you may spend a little extra upfront, but will more than make up for it. Only a few years down the road. Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects build all of their designs with the highest quality materials available and these designs are built to last many many decades. Architects are known to turn hard and unusable lots into beautiful and successful construction sites. They spend enormous amounts of time discussing with you, the client better understand where you’re coming from ending cultivate your ideas accurately in order to keep the construction moving slow and avoid changes.

Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects have a wide range of team members so they highly encourage their clients to get creative and bring them in their wildest construction plans. They will take these ideas and turn them into a beautiful structure. Many clients claim that Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects seem to be able to read their mind and take their ideas and put them on paper in turn that into a beautiful 3-D model.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects day to picture free consultation scheduled. You either call at 810-238-9647 or visit them online at

Best architects in Michigan | Making Michigan design
This content was written for Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects.

Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects is your go to architectural firm here in the Michigan community. They are always above and beyond in delivering the world’s most beautiful and functional designs. they truly are the best architects in michigan and they keep you in the center throughout the whole design phase. many other architectural firms do not take your input into account and simply throw together some designs and have you choose one or two and have them mesh them together. here’s where sedgewick + ferweda architects differs from the competition for over 60+ years they been bringing the highest level of detailed design plans to the good people here in michigan and they have the know-how and experience to be able to deliver energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing homes and offices.

The philosophy here at Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects is good clients, plus good design equals great architecture and they mean it. They will be in business for 60+ years if they didn’t treat their customers the way they deserve to be treated. And this is why they love working with great clients quite like yourself. They are forever grateful that they have had this long legacy of success and are striving every day to get better and more efficient to be able to help the customers save money in the long run. You know you are working with the best architects in Michigan when they spend time even before you sign a contract with them to better understand exactly what you are looking for in an architect. You honestly will not find another architect. They will ask you what you want and desire as much as Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects do.

There are a few reasons why Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects go above and beyond to get together customer more intimately than any other architectural firm in Michigan. When they get to know exactly what you desire what or vision in your head, then they have a better idea of what they need to do in order to deliver a design catered to those ideas in your mind. And when they have a clear goal in both you guys are on the same page the relationship grows and they will be able to deliver exactly what you have envisions in your head. They have successfully worked on many projects that span a multitude of usages from residential to commercial, from refurbishing to new construction. They truly are the best architects in Michigan and you will not go wrong when you sign up with Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects.

Design is constantly surrounded us and most the time we don’t even realize the impact or placement of certain architectural design, such as a doorway or window, and how it makes us feel in the space but I will tell you Sedgewick + Ferweda Architects have this underlying knowledge and it is behind all of their design specs. In order to better understand a person’s subconscious to a space and harnessing it is the basis of principle of design excellence. When design excellence means is that architects are trained for the thoroughout their architectural career to keep this principle in the back of their head at all times. Design excellence is just a starting point, though, as the best architects in Michigan. It tries them to constantly innovate while focusing on sustainability and functionality of the building. In design excellence is not the only prospect that carries us to the complete design phase. One of their biggest and most admire both trained as their willingness to listen to their clients and take all of their dreams and desires into the design.

If you’d like to get started with your precise consultation, please visit or give them a call at 810-238-9647 today.