Best commercial architects understand it is difficult to expand the sustainable developments amongst vast areas because the economy varies between each neighboring city. One successful and wealthy city may be able to afford to become sustainable, whereas the town adjacent to it may not. This could impede the progression needed to dramatically decrease emissions and create a healthier environment, as the pace will not be constant for each urban development.

We stand at a pivotal moment in time. The global need for reliable power has never been greater. The way in which we deliver that energy has never been more fragile. At the heart of it all, power utilities are given the mission to bring balance to that equation. The choices we make now will be the choices that bring the world smarter, more collaborative, and common-sense energy. The best commercial architects are churning out designs to incorporate these ideas for reliable power. The article The Future of Solar Energy gives a great explanation and steps that can be taken into the world of sustainable energy; renewable power generation from solar panels. You see, solar electricity generation is one of very few low-carbon energy technologies that has the potential to grow to a very large scale. Sure, there are negative aspects to it just like anything in the world, but the positives offset them by an overwhelming majority.
Best commercial architects understand the massive expansion of global solar generating capacity to multi-terawatt scale is very likely an essential component of a workable strategy to mitigate climate change risk. In the face of climate change challenge, solar energy holds massive potential for meeting humanity’s energy needs over the long term while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy has recently become a rapidly growing source of electricity worldwide. The best commercial architects are incorporating solar cells into their designs. In this article their focus was on three preeminent challenges when it comes to solar generation. They were; reducing the cost of installed solar capacity, ensuring the availability of technologies that can support expansion to very large scale at low cost, and easing the integration of solar generation into existing electric systems.

With an increasing global population and an increasing expansion of technology worldwide are both using more power than ever before. A change needs to occur and at a faster rate than it is now, and the best commercial architects understand that. The reading Powering an Always on World talks about different types of power generation for the future. Such as that the amount of electricity generated via nuclear power plants is expected to increase from 14 percent to 20 to 25 percent of global electric supply by 2050. The article states that nuclear energy is remining a reliable source of power, but it also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas from the electric supply sector. From now until 2050, nuclear power is expected to remain a cost-effective method for helping reduce energy related carbon dioxide emission by 50 percent. Yet, all this costs time and money and can be destroyed in the event of a natural disaster. One of the ways for utilities to control costs and enhance safety is through more accurate weather forecasting and tracking services. For example, Schneider Electric is currently working on a storm damage assessment solution that will intersect forecasted storm parameters such as high winds, lightning, etc. with utility asset data to identify areas of most damage from an incoming storm. This will help utilities be best prepared for severe weather events in terms of resource and inventory as well as be able to speed up the restoration efforts after a storm.

Anyone who has lived on this planet for more than a decade has experienced first-hand a changing climate. The best commercial architects are making their designs in a way to be prepared for the upcoming changing climate. There is no denying it anymore the evidence conspicuous, climate change is real. You could write a whole entire 20-page paper on the IPCC Report from the week 10 reading, but for the sake of this writing assignment we’ll keep it short and speak to a few of the points made by the IPCC. Climate change creates additional stresses on land, exacerbating existing risks to livelihoods, biodiversity, human and ecosystem health, infrastructure, and food systems. Increasing impacts on land are projected under all future GHG emission scenarios. The report talked about how there will be an increase in extreme weather events and that there are some regions of the world which will face higher risks, while some regions will face risks previously not anticipated. As well as cascading risks with the probability of impacts on multiple systems and sectors will also vary across our planet. Some of these weather events as a result of a changing climate are for starters the most obvious one that everyone attributes with climate change; and that is a rise in temperatures.

Warming has resulted in an increased frequency, intensity, and duration of heat related events; such as heat waves. This is especially true for urban areas and is known as the urban heat island effect. Heat waves are occurring more often than they used to especially in major cities across the United States, from an average of two heat waves per year during the 1960’s to more than six per year during the 2010’s. Also, some regions of the world have seen an increase in the frequency and intensity of droughts. Best commercial architects understand what regions are experiencing less rainfall and their drought seasons lasting longer this is resulting in more deadly and destructive wildfires. Just think for a minute about the state of California and the past 5 years. How many times you have heard about or seen on the news about yet another wildfire destroying anything and everything in its path there? Contrary to the point just made about a lack of rainfall and dry conditions, some regions of the world have seen an increase in rainfall and extreme flooding events taking place. “The frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events are projected to increase in many regions”.

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