Today, over half the population lives in urban areas and urban environments are responsible for over seventy percent of greenhouse gas emissions. With such a large amount of people living in these areas and with such a high emissions rate, the urban environment itself must be considered. The best commercial architects understand the implications of overpopulation in urban environments and try to make it so that it doesn’t hurt the surrounding environment. Is it possible to create an urban area that not only supports large populations, but is also sustainable and prevents further damage to the environment? It appears that it is an option, as there are some projects set in motion to do just that. In the article Astana Expo City 2017 it discusses the first post Industrial Revolution city, where all energy consumed by the Expo community will be provided from renewable sources; where buildings are designed to be generators of power that will be distributed and stored by a smart-grid system These are the type of developments, created by the best commercial architects, that must be capitalized on and encouraged within society, as they gear toward a healthier environment.

Another example is referenced in the video Cradle to Cradle Design when Architect William McDonough expresses his belief that green design can prevent environmental disaster, and he focuses on “cradle to cradle” design, which considers a product’s full life cycle — from creation with sustainable materials to a recycled afterlife. He further mentions the use of this design in projects that he and his team are developing in countries such as China. Best commercial architects know there are many projects in the works such as the ones described above, and BRICS Cities offers some advice to keep in mind when developing urban environments. The article discusses the importance of keeping major factors such as population, religion, history, developmental challenges, and the economy at the forefront of planning and designing the communities. Maintaining the diversity of each urban area is vital in the process of merging large populations into new, sustainable developments. With the onset of projects such as the ones described above, it seems possible to convert the current harmful urban areas into ones that are sustainable and prevent further damage to the environment.

The development of sustainable urban areas benefits the environment and contributes to the well-being of the urban community. The best commercial architects are working hard to design urban areas that benefits the environment. For example, in the Ted Talk video, around the 17:30 mark, there is a Chinese city that is being developed with sustainability in mind. William McDonough tells us that it will be an elevated city, everyone there will have fresh air, fresh water, and direct sunlight in every single apartment at some point during the day. The streets will be alive all the time “24-hour streets”, residents will have access to public transportation within just a five-minute walk, and there will be green roofs growing food for everyone. Nothing will go to waste, even the human refuse. The natural gas from the breakdown-treatment process will be distributed and used by the city, and the compost will be taken back to be used as fertilizer on the green roofs.
Sustainable cities like the one described above allow people and the environment to coexist in a healthy and beneficial way by working with best commercial architects. Furthermore, in the Roadmap to Zero Emissions it states that much of the world is projected to be built and rebuilt over the next two decades, with the energy and emissions patterns of this construction locked-in for many years. Today we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address climate change by creating low-carbon and zero carbon cities, districts, and buildings that: dramatically reduce their environmental impact and exposure, create environmental adaptability, ensure access to inexpensive and renewable site energy sources, minimize vehicle miles traveled, and minimize consumption of natural resources, undeveloped land, and potable water. This opportunity must not be wasted. Not only will the construction of sustainable communities drastically improve emissions and lower the negative impact they currently project, but they will also establish the standard for future developments and keep the world on track to putting the health of the environment and the people at the forefront. The best commercial architects are pushing the designs to the limit to put the health of the environment and the citizens of the community first.

The Astana Expo City 2017 article demonstrates the construction of a city that’s primary focus is on the well-being of the environment and its residents. It states that the plan was designed to meet the five pillars of a Post-Industrial Revolution, which include shifting to renewable energy, designing and constructing buildings as power plants, decentralized energy storage, implementing smart grids, and usage of non-fossil fuel-based transport. This is important because it not only represents the best commercial architects’ shift in planning new urban environments to becoming more sustainable, but it also sets its standards without the expense of the well-being of both the environment and its community. For example, this projected integrated buffer zones around the expo residential neighborhoods to create a more intimate and comfortable residential experience with a separation from main roads around the expo city, and the site is also pedestrian, and bicycle oriented with dedicated walking and bike lanes. Similarly, in the article BRICS Cities it is described that the culture and the way people live their everyday lives must be considered when the best commercial architects develop and then construct urban developments. Failure to take the lifestyle and well-being of the existing community into account will defeat the purpose of the new sustainable urban areas because there will not be a community to inhabit them if their needs are not recognized. Overall, if done correctly and mindfully, the development of sustainable urban areas benefits the environment and contributes to the well-being of the urban community.

While the designs of sustainable urban environments are progressing and they are undeniably improving the health of the environment and the community, the funding for said developments depend on many factors. For example, in BRICS Cities it is mentioned that there is no easy way to compare the economic structures of cities, as industries are classified differently across cities, and some cities have no (or outdated) economic data.

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