Another component to that is the architecture and construction team getting engaged early as possible in the process and communicating with each other and communicating with the client at the, at the earliest possible stages. but we will use our design software coupled with the construction managers, a pricing model in order to pull in a lot of critical late information that would occur during the construction, our construction administration and construction documentation phase and using IPD integrated project delivery to pull that in to the schematic and design development stages. And that is a critical into establishing a client presentation and review stages in the schedule for the entire project starting in the very early weeks. Once some of the preliminary program is modeled into schematic design, we can begin to have user group conversations and review with the leadership of covenant and Mary Free Bed, but as well as a core leadership of each inpatient and outpatient department in order to tune up and clarify any missing design information, space requirements and scoping. And so in an integrated project delivery process, Architects in Michigan anticipate having a very busy schematic and design development phase in order to establish all of the space requirements and major construction and budget constraints.

And this busy phase at schematic and design development, if done correctly, will make a very calm and comfortable construction documentation. And construction administration phase as IPD was designed to create. So not only are you producing a lot of work early upfront, but you’re also shortening the schedule the project, but doing so in a very careful and concise method to categorize all information requests and produce, answers in a timely fashion and that fits in the schedule of the project. Architects in Michigan using integrated project delivery, fast tracks the design and construction project process, sometimes information can be delayed or stretched out in the process and, resolution needs to occur while earlier portions of the project during construction. and so if there is a change needed because integrated project delivery process as a modified over the course of the project, well, Architects in Michigan will establish a request for information log with our contractor and our client. And the way we process changes is using this RFI log, with, with, critical deliverable deadlines.

Architects in Michigan has been practicing continuously for 60 years in established in Flint, Michigan in 1958 and with that long history of serving the community with architecture, urban design and planning services, over six decades, we have grown to establish, many long term client relationships, that, that have stood the test of time and, prove that we are a hardworking and dedicated, architecture service provider to our community. Working with the Greater Flint Mental Health Facilities Board, a nonprofit leadership organization that manages the Genesee health system, a network of health care services for the county and residents. Architects in Michigan have had a 40 year relationship with the greater Flint mental health facilities board and the Ghs, services. And we have maintained a blanket contract to be the architectural facilities manager, for Ghs for this 40 year history, which has developed projects, a new build and resident, a remodel of existing campus buildings that have totaled over a hundred million dollars in construction costs over the 40 year history of working with GHS. And the latest, team of Architects in Michigan and for what our architects, which has been together for the past 10 years, have continued to develop this relationship, headed by, Jeff for what? and beginning to incorporate a project architect Kurt. Nice wonder in the future of the Greater Flint Mental Health Facilities Board agenda of work, working with a Ghs, the Genesee health system, program of campus of buildings.

And this 40 year relationship started by Tom Sedgewick Sr with Architects in Michigan and sellers architects, has grown to include services such as architecture, design, engineering, design facilities, maintenance and management recommendations for expansion or closure of obsolete buildings, renovation of existing health facilities, staffing offices. And, the recent collaboration with Harley Ellis Devereaux architects to consolidate the campus into one larger modern facility for the Genesee health system staff and the greater Flint mental health facilities board. And then another longterm client relationship that Architects in Michigan has maintained his with Davita dialysis healthcare partners, which started out as the total renal care and when they merged or merged and became Michigan kidney and subsequently in recent years have become Davita healthcare. our office has been involved with our project manager. Michael Murphy has maintained a client relationship with Davita healthcare for 25 years and we have been primarily designing as a preferred architect contract for all new dialysis clinics in the state of Michigan. portions of Ohio and portions of Pennsylvania from time to time. And this service contract has requires us to field measure any existing building that is proposed to be improved for a dialysis, outpatient care facility, design of new buildings for design facility or dialysis facilities as well as ongoing maintenance and facility upgrade recommendations. Architects in Michigan working closely with preferred contractors in establishing a schedule for when, projects evolve and, and need a prototype updates and programmatic changes due to regulatory constraints and changes of code over time. And since we’ve been involved with Devita dialysis for 25 years, we have seen many changes nationally and regionally at the state level where we stay up to speed on all the code changes and need to