There’s no better architecture firm that did not of Sedgewick And Ferweda Architects when you need a Michigan Commercial Architect. The team is thrilled to be known as the highest-rated and most reviewed in all of Michigan it is the goal of the firm in two services Michigan in a truly great way. We seek to go over our client’s expectations. We want to make sure our services 2nd mile and not starts with us to us in the initial consultation. Our clients come first in their prior discomfort in we really do love working with our clients. Which is why we offer a free consultation, 3-D modeling, and energy modeling. We want to make sure that we are able to connect with you first before you start paying for our services.

The team of Sedgewick And Ferweda Michigan Commercial Architect in the best in the business you are looking for a Michigan Commercial Architect. They offer 3-D modeling out the three-month a cost-effective, quick, and to design a building. You are able to more quickly highlight the issues in the design process rather than having to deal with them after you start construction. 30 modeling allows you to save money and heartache in the long run. We are finding that with 3-D modeling our clients are able to see they’re a visual of their project and we are able to quickly execute the design for them. We know that our 3-D modeling actually helps the design better in the workflow between the consultants and contractors is made easier. We are thrilled to be up to offer such a top-notch service it is a great tool for architectural designing.

We also offer energy modeling which is a form of building that provides a better and higher quality of life for the future. We know that your sustainability matters now we are helping to feel to show this to our customers their employees and your we seek to be the leaders in the are in science is sustainability and we were doing that every day. We understand that it is important to save money and with 10% higher on the overall project, you can actually save 90% on your energy bills month to month once the project is complete. We are actually representing some of the best-preserved examples of passive building design. We like to use natural assets gives us access to the earth as shelter and then sunlight and prevalent visas breezes as well. We are trying to use no furnace and incorporate the highest level of energy awareness in that is how we have the highest example which is the Tory house in Manistique Michigan.

We are ready and excited to serve you in a truly phenomenal way you will be delighted to know that we aren’t looking to him lower overall human condition and increase health and wellness. We understand our actions on the environment have an impact that we want to make sure it’s a great one. So while we are also dedicated to making sure our architecture designs are the best in the country we are able to save the planet. Start goal to make sure we are able to instill our philosophy in each and every project we attempt and complete. Our philosophy is good people plus good design evils great architecture and that’s what we aim to do. We really are here for you the client to make sure you’re getting the best possible service.

We do not disappoint when it comes to services in the Michigan area. Our architecture designs blow people out of the water. Our clients are continually satisfied with the work we provide for them and that is why you should check us out on the website to read our customer testimonials today and find out more about our design process. The website is an architecture website. You can also connect with our staff by calling our number 810-238-9647 and we will get started with your free consultation right away. We’ve been around since 1958 and we are ecstatic to be able to stick around even longer.

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We are the company of choice when it comes to Michigan Commercial Architect. Our company is thrilled to have been around since 1958. This longevity of in business has allowed us to increase our experience and expertise in architecture. We have honed in on our philosophy which is good design plus good people equals great architecture. We want to make sure all of Michigan is able to experience this great philosophy because it has brought a lot of joy to our projects as well as to us the filling goals for our clients.

Sedgewick And Ferweda Architects want to go above and beyond for their customer and so you know who you can call when you are in need of Michigan Commercial Architect. Our team has experience in architecture and design and put clients’ priorities first. It is our absolute goal to make sure we are striving to provide a quality service to all of our clients. This may be why our clients have made us the highest-rated and most reviewed of architecture firms in Michigan. We are proud to hold this title and we strive to maintain it. We want to deftly connect with you as a client and make sure we are saving you money in a variety of ways one of which is by our free consultation, free energy modeling, and free 3-D modeling.

The staff truly is dedicated to making the best happen for all Michigan Commercial Architect. We want to go above and beyond for our clients we want to exceed expectations. This simply starts from our 3-D modeling. There are no shenanigans when it comes to 3-D modeling. 3-D modeling has actually allowed us to save money it is a cost-effective, quick, and efficient resource. More architects are using this tool for their clients simply because it allows the client to envision the project. We were able to highlight potential problems coming out for the construction phase to get underway. It is an incredible resource when it comes to quickening the time it takes to design.

We also offer energy modeling which is our way to make sure we are enhancing health and wellness for overall health and lowering the consumption of natural resources. We want to have a positive impact on the environment and that is why we are trying to provide a feature for you the client. We are the leaders in the art and science of sustainability and we want to help our clients navigate the process that they live work and play in a building that is both good for them in the environment. It is through the know-how and creativity at the beautiful buildings can come to fruition with the same principles for large commercial buildings as well. Through 10% extra cost and overall price of the project, our clients can have commercial building reduced utility costs up to 90%. That is reconsidering that we spent 80% of our lives inside of buildings. We are thrilled to be able to offer the service to our clients

Check us out on to read our client testimonials, find out more matter company, and look at our portfolio of done work for. You’ll be delighted to know that we are ready to do the very best job for our client we possibly can. We understand professionalism is a high priority and that it’s like we are focused on making sure we provide the most respect in our interactions with the client. Call our office at 810-238-9647 to learn more today. We are happy to be able to service the Michigan area and apply our principles from our residential and healthcare projects to our commercial ones as well.