Are you in need of help the design of a building you have been thinking about creating for a while? Well if so then you are in need of architects in Michigan or much more specifically SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS. Here at SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS we take seriously our designs that go into each one of our projects that we put out to our great clients. One way that the projects that we put are so great it is due to our use of design thinking.  We use cutting edge technology to model drawings for prototypes and then share the prototypes with our clients to churn out the best designs.

Design thinking and problem solving comes hand in hand with the discipline of architecture. The very essence of architecture is design thinking and problem solving. All of the Architects in Michigan would need to use some sort of design initiation to produce products.

The design process is made up five steps which are; empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. These processes are used not only by your favorite architects in Michigan SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS but it is also used by companies such as: Google, NASA, IDEO, Northwestern, Berkeley, Stanford, etc. The design process is used because it is important to plan ahead. The process breaks down a larger problem into a smaller and manageable tasks. It also prevents the assumption that the first design put forth may not be the best design.

The first step within this process is empathize. Within in this step the team at SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS will empathize with the clients to gather information about what needs to be done in the project to satisfy the needs of the client. A lot of time Architects in Michigan are aware of challenges that may be sprouted from requests from the client. A large majority of the time this is due to codes set up by the government to protect citizens, which is normally not common knowledge to the common citizen.

The next step from this process is to define. To correctly define the problem set ahead of the team at, SEDGEWICK + FERWEDA ARCHITECTS, has to clearly articulate the situation at hand. This is done due to when there is a fully understanding of what needs to completed it helps provide focus on the situation. Defining a problem statement at times within in this step can help the process. Within this step architects need to determine specifications, constraints, and critical functions of the project at hand.

The very next step after define is to ideate. To ideate the group must brainstorm. When brainstorming all ideas said during the session are to be recorded. All ideas are recorded due to some of the ideas that might be brushed off as being stupid then turns out be the right way to go about the problem at hand. After the brainstorming session is complete then next thing to do within this step is to take the current ideas that were recorded and apply constraints and prompts to them to test the likelihood of the ideas being the solution. After this the ideas are then benchmarked to test the likelihood again for the idea to be the possible solution to problem wanting to be solved. Next a select few of the ideas are chosen to evaluate potential solutions.

The step is prototyping which for architecture is one of the most important steps within their design process for many  Architects. Much of the prototyping for architects is done within compute software. With the aid of computer software Architects in Michigan can render 3d models to show clients a more detailed plan in how the project may turn out. Recently computer software has been able to a much more immersive experience for clients. This immersion is due to virtual reality within the 3D model to put the human perspective into the rendered plan of a building. Other ways to prototype is to create a scaled down physical model of the plan. This is done to give clients a better idea of the plan.

Once the prototype is completed then the next step for Architects in Michigan is to test. Within the testing step the group refined a solution through iteration using prototypes. The reason to test is to refine the solution or prototype, learn more about users, and to refine problem and problem definition. For Architects in Michigan testing means showing the prototype they came up with to the client to receive feedback upon the solution that the firm came up with.

After all the steps are completed then the group will either have completed project or a project that still needs work. With the completed project the client loved the solution put fourth and the firm can no longer put any more improvements into the design. With the incomplete project the client thought the design wasn’t exactly what they wanted or the firm thinks they can still improve upon the design.  When the project is incomplete the group can go back to any step within the design process. The steps in the design process can be cycled through many times until the project is completed. If Architects in Michigan in Michigan go about using these steps the quality and satisfaction of designs that they produce will be greatly increased.

The reason that architecture is so interesting to many people is due to this process. Sometimes it is a continuous cycle of the design process to get a design that is liked by the client. There are many problem solving techniques that goes into architecture.  There is a multitude of ways to go about any situation within the architecture discipline.  The best designs to come from firms are normally a mixture of great problem solving abilities infused with art. This is the reason I personally have taken so much interest with the architecture discipline. It is always fascinating to me how different  Architects come up with a multitude of different designs.