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This article was written for Sedgewick + Ferweda.

Before you begin construction on a brand-new building, it is important to consult an architect. Your next project deserves the top architects in Michigan. The best is Sedgewick + Ferweda. We are the company that has over 60 years of experience in the architectural industry. You need a company with an immense amount of knowledge, extensive experience, while also operating with a core of integrity. You can trust the most highest rated and most reviewed architectural company in the area to deliver nothing but impeccable design, and exceptional service. Find out why we have multiple clients and reputable companies continue to use us for their architectural needs. We offer free consultations because we are extremely confident that you will immediately begin to see our level of commitment and passion to your architectural design. We also offer free 3-D modeling along with free energy modeling as our gift to you for embarking on your next architectural journey with us. No matter your architectural needs, we have basically seen it all.

One thing you can expect from the top architects in Michigan is to deliver impeccable design for your next building. We believe that design should not only offer an aesthetically pleasing view for your neighborhood, but also provide complete functionality in usability for all of your needs. We make it our goal to understand every need to turn it into a reality for you. We have mastered the skill of listening and communication when it comes to our clients. We can provide you with exceptional service if we don’t completely understand your needs. 3-D modeling is another way that we achieve these goals.

We offer free 3-D modeling because we believe that is the key to a successful design. 3-D modeling uses BIM technology to bring your you to life. 3-D modeling is a way for us to turn your project into a small visualization for you to see what the end project will actually look like before construction begins. This is an efficient, effective and quick way for you to bring your imagination to reality.

We also offer free energy modeling. Our energy modeling is a way for us to give back to the world. We encourage the use of energy sustainable buildings whether it be for commercial or residential purposes. Saving energy is another one of our great passions. The ability to combine our passion of design while giving back to the world is another reason we are the top architects in Michigan.

We encourage you to call us for your free consultation today. We can be reached by phone at 810-238-9647. We even encourage you to visit our website at in view our past clients testimonials so that you can see firsthand how satisfied they have been with our architectural design. Find out why we continue to deliver exceptional design services for over 60 years. We are the company with integrity, talent, experience and knowledge to meet all of your architectural needs. We look forward to discussing your needs today!

Top Architects in Michigan | Amazing Service and Design

This article was written for Sedgewick + Ferweda.

How can you find amazing service and impeccable architectural design in Michigan? Look no further than a company who has been operating successfully for over 60 years. The top architects in Michigan are Sedgewick + Ferweda. We are the company who will not only offer you free 3-D modeling but also free energy modeling. Not only that, we provide you with a free consultation so that you can see immediately our ability to commit to your next building project. We make it our goal to save you money in many ways. We work hard to make sure we monitor your budget and negotiate on your behalf. We understand how valuable your resources are. That is why hiring an architectural consultant who can provide amazing service in impeccable design is the answer for you. You can trust a company who have been in operation since 1958. We are a company who operates with integrity within our core.

One of the ways that we are able to save you money is by offering 3-D modeling. We offer this to you for free because we believe it improves the process of your construction project. 3-D modeling uses BIM technology to provide a complete visualization of what your completed project could potentially look like. 3-D modeling also provides a way for us to quickly and effectively address any potential concerns your design could possibly have. An architect with our level of experience can quickly find things that many are unable to see. 3-D modeling is one way that we do this.

3-D modeling also allows us to create impeccable design that you would expect from the top architects in Michigan. We believe that our designs should offer complete usability while also inspiring emotion. We work hard to understand your needs and make sure our design fulfills both. We have a passion for design. Our passion stems from over 60 years of service in a true love for the architectural industry. We treat your project with a high level of passion and we will see the project through until the end.

Not only is our 3-D modeling and design technique perfected. We also encourage the use of energy modeling. We believe in combining the art of science and sustainability to create more environmentally friendly buildings. Our 3-D modeling technique uses the passive hope principles. We believe this is our way to leave our carbon footprint on the world. We find a true joy in making an impact on the world while also enacting our passion of design. This is something that you can only expect from the top architects in Michigan.

We encourage you to visit our website today. You will find at more information about our company in the history of Sedgewick + Ferweda. You may also contact us by phone at 810-238-9647 for your free consultation today. We believe the perfect recipe for creating great architecture is the combination of good clients plus good design. Let us create an amazing architectural design while providing effective service for you today.