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The meaning of architectural space is related to how the human body experiences the space around themselves. We use our senses to understand the environment that is around us. The one sense that is the most important to how we perceive the world is the sense of sight. Humans have relatively good eyesight with 22 millimeter lens and we are able to see a multitude of things in a short period of time due to the many axis’s that our eyes sit on. With the use of our eyes, humans can perceive the physical world in a multitude of ways. And with this the architectural space is created by this. Architects in Michigan understand the basis of how people see their environment and use this to create great architecture to be visualized by other people.

Architectural space is created when a building is created. The once unused space is now taken up by the building. The way that building transforms that space that it occupies is the basis of architectural space. Every building ever created uses the idea of architectural space because it occupies space. Though every building ever created uses architectural space it does not mean that this idea is applied in the best way to said building. Some of the most visually pleasing buildings uses architectural space to overcome the boringness of the world.  The most visually pleasing buildings created by architects need who understand how the human brain visually perceived their creation.

The space use in architecture can be used to portray emotion within architecture. Architects in Michigan understand this ideal and use space to portray emotions using space. This ideal of space portrays emotion comes from human instinct.  When it comes to space us humans love to enjoy our space. For the spaces that we live, work, and enjoy life we need the spaces that are enjoyable to be in.  In spaces where it is more wide open it conveys the emotion of being calm and relaxing. Normally this type of spacing is used in libraries where there needs to be relaxing for it to be an enjoyable experience within the library. In spaces where it is more enclosed and tight it conveys the emotion of stress. This type of space is used in designs such as rollercoasters to heighten the experience for the riders.

Let us take a good old look at works of architecture that have used space to enhance their work of art. Architects in Michigan love to take a good old look at past works of architecture to get ideas for their own works architecture. Are you ready because oh boy am I ready! So let’s take a  gander at St. Peter’s Square, which is located in the Vatican City.  If you were to gold walk in St. Peter’s Square while you were taking a good old gander at the architecture you all would notice the space of general area. In the square it is made up of an Egyptian obelisk in the center of the circle of colonnades. The square is designed to represent “the maternal arms of Mother Church”. If you were to walk within the square this the feeling that you would receive. This emotion received from the architecture due to wide upon space of the square which is then surrounded by colonnades.  If you want to take a look at an architectural installation that uses space to give a feeling of anxiety one would should take a good old gander to housed roller coaster Space Mountain which is located in the amusement park, Disney World, in Orlando, Florida. I personally visited an then road upon the Space Mountain and oh boy let me tell you that it is not the most pleasant thing to ride upon.  I’m not sure if it was intentional in design due to the roller coaster being built in 1975 but the ride makes you feel if you put your hands up to enjoy the ride that they will be taken off by above supports. So with the tight design it pervades the emotion of anxiety.

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