Located in Detroit
The purpose and scope of the architectural design for the new AIA Michigan headquarters was driven by four main objectives: embody the client’s distinctive brand, embrace the association membership, strategically introduce natural day-lighting through exterior and interior sources, and execute the project via a well-detailed, judicious use of materials. Visibility, public access, and flexibility drove the design, with careful attention to the balance of public and private spaces. The complexity of the program was matched by the challenge of transforming an end-of-corridor space adjacent to co-work spaces into a dynamic architectural vision. A glass curtain wall boldly gives a direct connection to the activities in the adjacent design studio and embodies the client’s desire to connect to the other building tenants and future of the architectural profession. The material palette reinforces identity and visibility with exposed structure, bright surfaces, and glass partitions throughout. Located in the new Detroit Collaborative Design Center building and Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood, the headquarters highlights its commitment to revitalization
and eye to the future. Setting a high standard for future design, this project provides a resilient and durable design that will continue to support the long-term mission of AIA Michigan.