In its conversion to a home dialysis training center, the DaVita Mid Valley PD Home Trainingclinic-which was an abandoned building that was once a law office-offered several challenges: a low-profile flat roof, floor-to-ceiling glass and a “U” shape. It also offered the opportunity to restore a forgotten, classic mid-century modern building to a productive and much-needed use. New materials were designed to replicate the pattern and style of the mid-century façades and new signage produced to compliment the minimalist mid-century design. Exterior brick and masonry were cleaned to restore the beauty of the original. A new parking lot and entrance were placed at the rear of the building while patient areas were located in the front. The staff lounge area was designed to open into an existing courtyard while all mechanical utilities were relocated to the basement. Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects is proud to be part of this important work with DaVita; improving kidney patients’ quality of life while building the local economy and protecting Michigan’s mid-century modern heritage.