Daylighting for Dialysis: Maximizing Natural Light and Function
In the DaVita Orchard Square project, Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects prioritized natural light and views of the adjacent landscaped gardens, to promote patient healing. The primary scope was renovation of a first floor vacant tenant space within an existing, contemporary, professional office building. The adaptive reuse of this asymmetrical space and existing open office plan into an outpatient kidney dialysis center required special attention to minimize disruption to other occupied tenant areas. Moving public and patient areas to the perimeter enabled natural light and views out the tall exterior windows to the neatly landscaped gardens. Storage and mechanical dialysis piping were strategically concentrated in the center of the building. The flooring and wall materials blend the new dialysis clinic reception area with the building’s existing central lobby. Finally, newly-installed motorized door operators facilitate patient accessibility.